7 Must Have Products for Walking your Dog in Snow

It’s -4 degrees out and the sidewalks have disappeared but your dog is having zoomies like a maniac throughout the house. Time to suit up for a walk in the snowpocalypse.

The only good thing about cold weather is you have SO many more pockets you can utilize. If you don’t understand this then you haven’t been walking dogs very long-you will learn to appreciate a great pocket. In all seriousness, it can be extremely hazardous for walkers who are unprepared for the elements. Having the proper clothing and being aware of winter hazards are both important parts of being prepared.


A good winter coat should keep you toasty and dry without making you look like a marshmallow. There is nothing worse than a bulky coat when trying to bend over and pick up poo that has melted to the bottom of 9 inch snow pile. I absolutely love my North Face Women’s Boundary Triclimate Jacket– its not bulky, has lots of pockets, and most importantly it is so unbelievably warm! Yes it is an investment and pricey but technically you are getting two coats–this is how I justified it. (Don’t worry they have a men’s version too!- The North Face Condor Triclimate Jacket Mens.

Snow pants

Snow pants may not be as sexy and fun to pick out as a new leash, branding materials, or a new logo but they are an essential item. I went with a budget friendly brand called Arctix as I don’t wear them everyday. They will keep you warm, keep the snow out, keep you dry and perhaps even win some style points in the process (but probably not). Full disclosure- I bought the men’s pant (on accident, fail.) but they still did the job and were just a bit baggie.
Women I recommend the Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pant
Men I recommend the Arctix Men’s Insulated Snow Pant


My choice of glove is the OZERO Winter Thermal Glove it offers the right combination of warmth, dexterity, and grip. Between answering the phone, turning a door handle, clasping leashes and opening up those pesky poo bags I needed a lot of functionality. These gloves allow me to do that without removing my gloves, that is a win for me.


Poor-quality boots can leave your feet vulnerable to cold temperatures and slush. And that’s the last thing you want if you’ll be spending your winter days walking 10+ walks in the Snowpocalypse. The brand that has never let me down is Sorel. Plus they are super cute! Don’t forget your cozy crew socks!

Traction Cleats for Your Shoes

Have you ever found yourself shuffling along the sidewalk with a your pup at a snail’s pace concentrating on not falling..again…? I used to all the time until I found YakTrax. I walk confidently (sort of, that’s a work in progress) down icey sidewalks and driveways wearing these bad boys.

Tube Scarf

Huh? Tube scarf; an elasticated tube-shaped piece of material which is amazingly versatile and often used during outdoor excursions or sports in this case: Dog Walking. Simply pull the tube scarf over your neck for an effortlessly cool look, which will also keep you warm. The best part about these is they are extra absorbent– ever walk through 8 inches of snow and start to sweat? These will soak up that sweat and reduce the chances of it freezing which is never a fun feeling. I bought the Kingree brand– they have fun colors (If you buy a black one someone may or may not think you are about to rob a bank…just saying.)

Ear Muffs

Ear muffs have been helping to keep sensitive lobes toasty for over a century. Why do I wear ear muffs at all – why not just put on a hat? Well the massive nest that I call a bun on top of my head won’t allow it. I use the Tough Headware Fleece Headband paired with my tube scarf- I can handle the cold windchill with ease. If you prefer a warm hat over ear muffs check out the Carhart Hat.

Looking for more winter tips? Check out my post 5 Winter Hacks Every Dog Walker Should Know

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