Car Organization & Supplies

How in the world do I store all this gear and supplies in my car? -A stressed dog walker

It is easy to forget about car organization when your focused on licensing, choosing insurance, stocking your home office and branding your business…phew! But an organized car with the right supplies can make life so much easier. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to begin by cleaning out the car and making a list of things that you need to carry with you. Not to worry! I’ve compiled that list for you:

When it’s time to light up the night, a good flashlight is an essential for your car emergency kit. I prefer a small, durable and water resistant flashlight like the Outlite.

The Fit Spirit Absorbent Microfiber towel is awesome for wiping paws, drying off from a rain shower, and cleaning up muddy messes. Added bonus? They roll up nice and tight- won’t take up to much room in your car. In addition to towels, I always have a sturdy paper towel in my car.

All in One Tool

You could carry a small tool box but in all honesty I have so much in my car as it is I just do not have the room. I got a Gerber Dime Multi Tool for Christmas a couple years ago and I love the little thing. Why do we need tools you ask? Well, I have had to change garage key pad batteries, put multiple pup gates together or back together, replace electric fence batteries, and even used it to unclog a clients Roomba!


Sticky or frozen locks can be extremely frustrating, and it’s likely the last thing you want to deal with when you’re your on a tight schedule and have 10 more walks to go to. Luckily, it only takes one inexpensive product and a couple of minutes to get a clients lock moving smoothly again. Grab some WD40 and spray into the keyhole and like magic the lock is no longer sticky!

Phone Mount

I recommend some type of phone mount, you will appreciate a place for your phone with how much you will be in the car. I use the WizGear phone mount it allows for quick removal and you do not have adhere anything to your phone.

Human First Aid Kit

Along with your Pet First Aid Kit you should carry a small first aid kit for yourself. Between the Kitty claws and puppy teeth its good to have the basics on hand. The First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Essentials Kit literally has everything you would need.

Hand Sanitizer

Dirty hands really do poison thousands of people…or in our case: Dogs. I am a hand sanitizer fanatic! I like to try every kind, every smell and sometimes my hands hate me for it. I have finally found a product that does not dry out my hands, smells good, and its a spray- NO GOO! Dr. Bronners Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer is my go to sanitizer.

Tampons (Yes I said it), Kleenex and a good Lotion!


Trunk Organization


Keeping your trunk organized will help utilize the space for optimal use. Between the first aid kits, leashes, cleaning products, towels, scrapers, and countless other items that are worth keeping somewhere in your vehicle, and yet there never seems to be that perfect place available for any of it.  The Trunkcratepro literally changed my life- we live in our cars and when my car is in chaos so am I!

Advertising Supplies Storage

I keep business cards, rack packs, door hangers, branded poop bag dispensers, thank you cards, and branded pens in an awesome ArtBin. It is thin, lightweight and has a handle!

Seat Organizer

In addition to my truck organizer- I heavily rely on my Think Clean Car front seat organizer. It gives me easy access to my client clip board, business cards, brochures, pens, my note book, forms and extra poo bags. I also like that it fold ups easily and can be stored in my truck when I have passengers in the front seat.

Storage Gap Filler
I am guilty of eating many lunches on the road and it is not always the cleanest venture. These little storage gap fillers by Lebogner have saved many crumbs from escaping down into the Netherlands.

For more information on my preferred Dog Seat Belts & Seat Cover take a look at the Pet Taxi page.