Pet Taxi

So you added Pet Taxi to your services, now what?

Safety, reliability and courteous service are what make any pet taxi service successful. I can’t help you with the courteous part but I can help you with some essential gear for the safety party. Whether I am taking an animal to the vet, groomers or a play date I always have the following things in my car;

Bench Seat Cover

There are three types of dogs; ones who cover the backseat in hair, track dirty paw prints and are heavy slobberers. Then there are the window and front seat jumpers, you know the ones who cannot sit still? Lastly, there are the nappers=my favorite.  Regardless of what kind of dog you are chauffeuring you will want to protect your seats. I own a couple different brands (I switch them out after every animal and clean thoroughly) but my favorite is the BarksBar. I like it because it is hammock style (saves my floors!), has velcro seat belt openings, easily wipes clean and extremely easy to install.

Dog Seat Belt

If you are transporting a clients dog in your car, his or her safety needs to be one of the first things you consider. The best dog car harness or seat belt will keep the dog safe, no matter what life throws at you. I carry a couple Vastar Seat Belt Clips and use these for pups who have existing harnesses. I also carry a Kurgo harness.

Folding Crate

I bought a couple crates (I have two lovely pups at home) and the one I use in my car the most is the AmazonBasics crate. I like this crate because of the double doors (I put the crate in my trunk sideways), it folds very easy, and has a handle for easy transport.