Winter Gear

5 Winter Hacks Every Dog Walker Should Know

Brr. Good luck opening up that poop bag… Extreme cold is a noticeable risk to keep in mind when walking dogs, but there are less obvious dangers to keep in mind as well. Cold-weather chemicals can find their way onto… Continue Reading →

The 5 Best Dog Walking Packs and Bags

You’re the Fanny Pack of Life. You’re Cool but in your Own Way. Finding the right bag or pack for walking your dog can be overwhelming. With all the running, hiking, fanny packs and cross body bags out there it’s… Continue Reading →

7 Must Have Products for Walking Dogs in the Winter

It’s -4 degrees out and the sidewalks have disappeared but your dog is having  zoomies like a maniac throughout the house. Time to suit up for a walk in the snowpocalypse. Cold Weather The only good thing about cold weather… Continue Reading →

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