It’s pouring rain and you do not have a fenced in yard… what do you do? Let Fido poo on the floor?

A little rain never stopped a dog walk but you will want to stay dry, be comfortable, and be able to perform the necessary movements. There are couple essentials that I have to keep me dry for those random rainy days.

Rain Pants

As a dog walker being wet makes walking a chore, and being cold and wet can make walking dang near unbearable. Sure use an umbrella – what about your legs? your feet? You and I both know rain does not come straight down. To eliminate soggy feet and leggings I carry a light weight rain pant called Frogg Toggs. Most importantly, they are breathable and I am not sweating the moment I start walking!

Rain Coat

Now I am sure most of you have a waterproof coat but if you don’t then I recommend the Gioberti, its budget friendly, lightweight and can easily be packed away in a little bag. Again I bought a men’s coat because I like that it was looser– I do not need a form-fitting coat to walk pups but that’s just me.

Rain Boots

Rain boots are an essential part of your dog walking shoe collection. Unfortunately, rain boots are not comfortable, we all know this- but I did find a pair that are functional and made with sturdier materials called Servus. These are extremely light weight and budget friendly (if you live in an area with lots of rainfall then I recommend investing in some Bogs!)


I am sure you are thinking DUH but wait- do you have an umbrella with a C shaped handle? This was a game changer for me! Holding two leashes and an umbrella was a joke- but a friend introduced me to the Bagail Double Layered Inverted C-shaped umbrella and I can easily use both hands now. Bonus: they have so many fun colors!